Environmental responsibility

As a part of its Mission statement regarding delivery of high quality products in an environmentally friendly manner, SCCL is committed to

•         Preserving the Environment and

•         Improving its Quality.


Preserving the Environment - Pollution control measures:

Being in Cement industry, wherein the process involved is mainly size reduction at all the stages from raw materials to finished products, generation of dust is unavoidable. We at SCCL have taken adequate steps to control and arrest dust emission and air pollution through installing the latest and well equipped control systems, e.g.,

 •         Dust collectors are provided at all the transfer points from Crusher to Rawmill, coal grinding and conveying systems

•         The Primary Crushers are provided with bag type dust collectors of required sizes and air volume to dedust the crushing station. They are also provided        with high pressure water sprinkling systems at the hopper and in feeders to suppress the dust, which emanates during dumping and crushing

•         Dust emission during cement grinding at Ball Mills are arrested by dust collectors installed thereat

•         Packing houses are also provided with dust collectors and suction points at all generating areas to ensure dust free working environment

•         Water sprinklers are also provided at required transfer points to suppress fugitive dust.

•         Dedicated water tankers are engaged at both mines and plant to sprinkle water to reduce fugitive dust generation on haul roads and internal roads

•         All the stacks are provided with dust monitors, data of which are uploaded to APPCB server, available for public information.

Improving the Quality of Environment - Green belt development

SCCL takes every possible step to develop greenery in and around the plant. As the Plant is in a rocky area, special attention is required to plant and develop each sapling. Preferred plants are selected as per advice received from Department of Social Forest.

•         Plantation of various species are planted in and around the mining lease area

•          A well designed garden and lawn is maintained inside the plant

•         Separate green belt development programme is implemented