consistent quality of Uniform strength

The plant processs are closesly monitored round the clock with the help of a sophisticated and computerized PLC system and is subject to striengent quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process to produce best quality 43 grade,53 grade and PPC grade cement. This ensures consistent quality of the product batch after batch, a feature so essential for uniform strength of structures. Making all this possible are highly skilled and experienced techinical personnel with excellent credentials.

The final product is then automatically packed in paper/HDPE bags and loaded onto trucks for distribution to its various centres. Sri Chakra cement is sold under the brand name 'SRI CHAKRA' through a wide distribution network covering dealer and stockist points in the markets of AP and neighbouring states.

cement specifications as per BIS

Test Particulars
BIS OPC 43.GR IS 8112/1989
BIS OPC 53.GR IS 12269/1989
Not less than 2250
Not less than 2250
Normal consistency(%)
Setting Time(minutes)

         a. Initial

         b. Final

Not less than 30

Not less than 600

Not less than 30

Not less than 600

         a. Le-Chati Expansion(mm)

         b. Autoclave Expansion (%)

Not more than 10.0

Not more than 0.8

Not more than 10.0

Not more than 0.8
Compressive Strength(Kg/Cm2)

         a. 72+/-1H3 Days

         b. 168+/-2H7 Days

         c. 672+/-4H28 Days

Not less than 230

Not lessthan 330

Not less than 430

Not less than 270

Not lessthan 370

Not less than 530

Drying Shrinkage(%)

Not less than0.15