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M/s. Sri Chakra Cement Limited, Hyderabad

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Terms and Conditions
1. Validity of the oreder is for 7 days - will automatically be cancelled on 8th day for trade booking
2. In case of advance the order is valid for 30 days/ or as agreed for trade booking
3. Validity of order is 30 days for Non-trade order against advance
4. The payment should be received within 3 days. Otherwise order will be cancelled for Non-Trade.
5. In case of any revision in prices upward the price will be revised if the increase is by Rs.10/- and above.
6. In case of decrease in price the ruling price will be applicable.
7. Supplies are subject to force major conditions.
8. Any claim of non-receipt/damage etc. are to be claimed within 15 days. No claim will be entertained beyond 15 days of supplies.
9. Third party cheques will not be accepted. (In certain cases, only if accompanied by a covering letter issued by the cheque signing party.)

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